Sunday, January 18, 2009

Recession - proof Jobs - JOBS TO TEST recession

Recession - proof Jobs - JOBS TO TEST recession

While no profession or trade is absolutely immune to economic fluctuations, there are some who may face the ups and downs better than others. Rather than go to the unemployment line the next time government officials back to bad economic news, it might be useful to adopt a profession a little more secure in the long term.

Certain factors suggest that a profession can withstand a downturn, especially if they are in high demand jobs that require special skills, charges that continue to provide goods and services despite the difficulties of the economy, jobs and stable companies.

Recent statistics indicate that professions such as construction, retail trade, transport, manufacturing and professional jobs as lawyers and architects are being affected in this economic situation. However, these are to be considered in case of recession

• Sales and Marketing: A person who supplies or money to save a company can be relatively safe in his office.

• Education: Where students will need for the teachers and administrative officials who populate the nation's schools.

• Health and Pharmacy: It is impossible to reverse the passage of time, and still has not discovered the Fountain of Youth. As we grow older, there is growing demand for health care and quality medicines for health. Think of work as a medical assistant. Managed care companies consider positively the work of physician assistants (PAs) because they earn less than doctors, but offer the same attention.

• Federal Jobs: There are few federal layoffs in the area, even during a recession. Generally, only lose jobs federal employees when they leave and are not replaced. Often, the Federal jobs offer good benefits and stability increases, which make them attractive options for people seeking stability.

• Computer: It is worth reviewing the operation of computers and be able to create programs or manage databases. Complex systems that require distinctive skills will never lose its popularity.
• Environmental Industries: The movement "green" is not destined to disappear, according to experts. It is time to join the job of environmental protection for you.

• Accounting: With the changing laws and tax codes, certified public accountants maintain stability in times of recession.

• Financial Planning: The "Baby Boomers" are aging and need advice about how to manage their retirement funds, ensuring the use of financial planners. Besides, everyone wants to "stretch" a little more money these days.

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  1. Yeah, i agree with you in a way that these are the least effected areas from recession. However, it is not completely prone from it. There were some effects on it too.
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