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The economic recession caused biggest increase in unemployment in history

The economic recession caused biggest increase in unemployment in history

Services account for one in two of the 192,658 registered in the last month with the same level of unemployed in 1996. Zapatero, says that there are signs of improvement

Registered unemployment in the public employment services has risen for the seventh consecutive month in October, a month traditionally bad for the labor market but rather, has increased by about 192,658 people in September, which has placed the total number of unemployed at 2,818,026, a 7.34% increase a month earlier and the largest number of unemployed since April 1996. In fact, the strong rebound in October of nearly 200,000 people is the largest hike intermonthly throughout the series "because he had never experienced an economic well," said Secretary of State for Employment, Maravillas Rojo. Faced with the deterioration, President Zapatero has launched a message of confidence to citizens and businesses to ensure that "can maintain its margin of tranquility" and has argued that the Government is carrying out the "appropriate policy" to the crisis.

The economic downturn is being fattened in the labor market data showing "bad, we can not say otherwise," he admitted his part, Economy Minister Pedro Solbes, who added that the fight against unemployment is the Priority Executive. If just two weeks ago was the Labor Force Survey that ignited the alarm signals after retracting the unemployment rate to 2004 levels today are the INE data which show that employment is going through its worst time in recent decades. In this sense, the 2.8 million registered unemployed at the end of October represent a 12.28% of the workforce, almost one point above the rate of 11.33% reflecting the INE survey and only three tenths below the Government's forecast for the next 2009 (12.5%).

From Moncloa, the chairman of the Government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, has defended the measures announced so far in pursuit of the economy to regain its potential and create jobs again. "Our policy is right," he emphasized. In addition, the State has ensured that "dump all their investment capacity, which is a strong capacity at the low debt to address this deterioration. The socialist leader has committed in this regard the support of the Executive to the families and communities affected by the crisis to the economic problems facing enterprises in the strategic sectors. "Citizens and businesses can maintain a degree of calm," he added.

37% more in one year

In the last twelve months, the number of unemployed has increased by 769,449, a 37.56%, which increases the pace of advancement of the previous crisis in 1993 (15% with 95,983 unemployed). In addition, differences that mark the rise in unemployment then was due primarily to the destruction of jobs, now the lists of feeds largely on new population, although the Spanish economy and destroying jobs takes two months for the first time in fifteen years, as shown by data from Social Security.

Despite the obvious deterioration and "no intention of circumventing the negative," Red has been justified, it should reflect positive "signs of hope and change." Among them, the secretary of state stressed the recruitment of October (180,229), which exceeds the number of contracts for the same months before the October 2006 reform. Against this background, Red reiterated yesterday that the chairman of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, announced immediate and urgent measures to support families and jobs. It has also announced that "there will be the last."

Turning to the data of the past month, more than half the 192,658 registered unemployed in October, six times more than the same month last year, corresponding to the service sector, which has added 113,720 new unemployed, a 7.49% increase . Meanwhile, in the construction, unemployment has moved in 36,275 people (8.18%) in the industry, 20,144 (6.12%) in the group had never been employed in 13,480 (5.41%), and in agriculture, 9,039 (10.56%).

Unemployment rises by 86% among foreigners in a year

Unemployment has increased among men, with a 9.61% to 1,335,865 over 117,133 unemployed people, and among women, an increase of 5.37% to 75,525 more unemployed to a total of 1,482,161 stops. It has also increased among children under 25 years on 39,112 people, 12.24 percent, and among foreigners, a 12.92% to place the total unemployed at 337,493, a 85.62% higher than a year ago by the special effect of the cessation of construction in this group.

Membership also has shown a negative trend in October. According to data made public today by the department that runs Celestino Corbacho, the average number of registered social security has declined in October at 101,886 people, to stand at 18,918,473 workers, representing the first decline in a month of October since 2001, which began this indicator.

Of the total membership means belonging to 14,435,444 in October Regime of Social Security, 119,377 fewer than in the previous month, while the Special Autonomous System (RETA) totaled 3,355,586 members, 16,105 less than a month before . The total number of registered October 31 stood at 18,706,423, 130,879 fewer than at the end of last month.

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